1TeamSoftware Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and we want you to be confident that you will be getting Products of the best quality with the best number of features and receive best in the class support.

Should the issues with your purchase arise here are the rules that outline what you can expect. 

Please note that Products that are sold in our store are digital goods and cannot be “returned”, so your entitlement to a refund is designed with this in mind.

Before you ask for a refund

Because of the complex nature of Software Products and unpredictable differences between environments where Products we sell can be used, there is a possibility that you might experience technical issues. 

If you are experiencing a technical issue with the Product you’ve purchased from us then we recommend that you Contact Us and seek assistance. We will help to troubleshoot your problem and find an appropriate solution.

Aren’t happy with the live shipping rates?

We would like to emphasize that our shipping plugins are designed solely to display shipping rates from various carriers, such as USPS, DHL, UPS, and others. It is important to understand that our shipping plugins do not have the capability to influence or alter the shipping rates provided by these carriers.

Therefore, dissatisfaction with the shipping rates offered by the carriers cannot be accepted as a valid reason for a refund. As a third-party service, we are reliant on the carriers’ shipping rates and are unable to intervene or modify these rates in any way.

Refund eligibility

You are eligible for a refund, if within 30 days of your purchase you experience issues that we are not be able to solve and your situation matches one of the following criteria:

  • Product has not been downloaded
  • Product is not as described or it does not work the way it should *
  • Unresolvable compatibility issues

* Please note that only PRO features that are not marked as BETA can be considered.

Retaining a Non-Refundable Fee

If you ever need to request a refund for a purchase, please remember the following:

  • In the event of a refund request, a non-refundable $5 payment processing fee will apply.
  • This fee is necessary to cover the expenses related to processing your refund.
  • The total refund amount, minus the $5 non-refundable fee, will be reimbursed to you.

Product has not been downloaded

If you have not downloaded a purchased Product within 30 days from the date of purchase, you may be eligible for a refund. You will be required to provide us your order number, so we can verify that Product was never downloaded.

Product is not as described or does not work the way it should

Product is “not as described” if it is materially different from the item description or preview. If advertised PRO features (that are not marked as BETA) of the Product do not work the way they should we will promptly fix the issues and provide an updated version of the Product. 

You will be required to provide detailed information about the issues and give us an opportunity to correct them. In some cases, we will need you to give us access to your system, so we can investigate and fix the issues.

If the issues can’t be fixed or it turns out that the Product description was incorrect then you would be entitled to a refund.

* Please note that only PRO features that are not marked as BETA can be considered.

Unresolvable compatibility issues

If the Product you’ve purchased is completely unusable because of compatibility issues with your system and we are unable to resolve these issues then you will be entitled to a refund. In order to qualify your system should be completely functional without our Product installed as well as you will be required to provide us enough information, including access to your system and copies of incompatible Products, so we can investigate the possibility to resolve compatibility issues.

Cases we don’t offer any refund

Because of the digital nature of the Products we sell, there are some exceptions when you won’t qualify for a refund:

  • You don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it.
  • The Product did not meet your expectations or you feel that it is of low quality.
  • You changed your mind.
  • You bought a Product by mistake.
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the Product.
  • Product does not have a feature you need and it wasn’t listed in the Product’s description.
  • You claim that you are entitled to a refund but do not provide sufficient information as to why you are entitled to a refund.
  • You are refusing to provide enough information or cooperate, so we can reproduce and try to fix your issue.
  • You can no longer access the Product because it has been removed or previously provided the item is no longer active.
  • Product subscription has been auto-renewed.
  • You’ve purchased Product more than 30 days ago.