How to know what shipping services are available for customers?

Deciding which shipping services to offer to your customers can greatly impact their satisfaction and your business’s efficiency. While using the shipping plugins to optimize your shipping process and offer the best shipping services to your customers, it’s essential to carefully consider which shipping services to select. 

First of all, how do you determine which shipping services to offer customers?

To view all available shipping services, follow these steps:

  • Go to settings of the plugin and navigate to the “Shipping Services” tab.
  • Enable the “Display all available shipping services” option.

And save the settings for the change.

  • Visit your website store and add the desired items to your cart
  • Enter the postal code for your desired shipping location.
  • Wait for the system to display the shipping rates for the available services

Based on the available options, choose the shipping services that you believe will best serve your customers’ needs.

Please take note that when testing shipping rates, it is crucial to use different postal codes each time to prevent cached results. This ensures accurate and up-to-date rate calculations.

Shipping plugins facilitate the process of sending package weight and dimensions to carriers, who then calculate the shipping rates for various services. These rates are displayed based on the results returned by the carriers’ API.

By limiting the number of requested shipping services, the time required to calculate shipping rates can be reduced. This, in turn, enhances the rate response time on the website and improves the overall user experience for customers.

To achieve these benefits, we highly recommend restricting the number of shipping services to no more than five for a given area.

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