Why FedEx Ground Shipping Rates Are Missing

When using popular shipping plugins like Shippo shipping pro, ShipStation shipping pro, EasyPost shipping pro, and others, you might encounter a situation where FedEx ground shipping rates do not appear in the cart. This can be puzzling and leave you wondering about the cause behind the missing rates.

Understanding FedEx Ground Shipping Rates: Residential vs. Commercial Addresses

The reason for this issue lies in the fact that FedEx has its own internal system for identifying whether a delivery address is residential or commercial. This determination is made based on their specific set of rules and criteria. Unfortunately, the shipping plugins mentioned earlier do not have direct control over the shipping methods returned by FedEx. However, they can still assist by filtering the results provided through the application programming interface (API).

When it comes to shipping options, it’s important to note that FedEx Ground is primarily intended for commercial addresses. However, to cater to customers with residential addresses, we highly recommend adding FedEx Home Delivery as an additional shipping method.

While FedEx Ground is not typically offered for residential addresses, FedEx Home Delivery is specifically designed for such destinations. By including this option, you can provide a more comprehensive range of choices to your customers, ensuring that their shipping needs are met regardless of whether their address is commercial or residential.

To gain further understanding of the differentiation between residential and commercial addresses by FedEx, we recommend referring to the article on FedEx Residential Fees and Ground Residential versus Home Delivery. By familiarizing yourself with FedEx’s classification process, you can better comprehend why the ground shipping rates may not be displaying.

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