What PDF settings do?

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In this document we will talk about what PDF settings of WooCommerce shipping plugin do and when you might want to change them.

These settings are only useful when you are using Adobe Acrobat browser extension or Adobe Acrobat Reader to work with your PDF files, in other cases they won’t have any effect.

Auto Print #

This feature will add a script to generated PDFs documents, which will automatically trigger printing of the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader. It might be useful when you are dealing with a lot of shipping labels and want to minimize a number of steps you need to print the them.

Please note that Chrome has recently blocked scripting ability of PDF files, so it won’t work in it.

Printer Dialog #

This feature will configure PDF document to either display or hide printer settings dialog when starting printing the file.

Please note that this feature might not work in all the PDF viewers and mostly designed for Adobe Acrobat.

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