Adding a Local Pickup Shipping Services

When operating an E-commerce shop, in addition to shipping orders through carriers, presenting a different choice to local customers can prove to be extremely beneficial.

To include the local pickup shipping method, you simply need to add it to a specific Shipping Zone. This ensures that the option for local pickup is available in the right area for your customers.

1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping zones

2. Select a Shipping Zone or create a new shipping zone where you intend to provide “Local Pick Up” as an additional shipping option.

3. In this particular Shipping Zone, you have the choice to pick one or more city names. Alternatively, you can enter the postal codes where you want to provide the local pickup service.

4. click the icon ” Add shipping method”, then a window will display. 

5. Click “Local Pickup” from the drop-down box

6. Click on the “Add shipping method” button.

Then Local pick up is available within this specific shipping zone.

7. Select the “Edit” option when hovering over the “Local Pickup” title.

This action will open a new small window.

Enter a Title that you wish to displays to customers at checkout – for example, you may change it to California Local pick up.

8. Select Tax Status – Define whether or not tax is applied to the shipping amount.

9. Enter Cost – The cost for this shipping method, is applied to the entire cart.

10. Save changes. You will notice the new “California Local Pickup” shipping method is now displaying within this shipping zone.

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