How to send the Shipping plugins debug log for support

To help us investigate further, please provide screenshots or use a video recording tool such as to record a video of your screen. This will allow us to review the plugin’s settings and determine if any adjustments need to be made.

Here is a YouTube tutorial video, you can follow the steps in the video.

Additionally, please do the steps below and send us the debug log as an attachment.

​This will give us more insight into the issue and help us figure out the best solution.

  1. Go to the settings of the plugin 
  2. Enable Debug Mode
  3. Save the settings.
  4. Go to WooCommerce -> Status -> Logs
  5. Remove the current shipping plugin log
  6. Create a new order, and try to quote rates with the new postal code
  7. Go back to the settings of the plugin, hit click to download a log file 
  8. Then send the debug log as an attachment to the support team for review.

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