How to setup common shipping settings?

In this document we will go over common shipping settings of WooCommerce shipping plugin and talk about what they control and when you might want to change them.

From Address #

Use this section of the settings to enter the address you ship your orders from. It will be pre-populated with your WooCommerce store address. It is also used as Return To address, when parcel is bounced or if you will be printing return shipping labels.
If company field will be left empty, then From Address will be classified as Residential, which can affect shipping rates quoted by a carrier.

Please note that this address will be overwritten by a vendor’s store address when Use Seller Address feature is activated.

Use Seller Address #

Enable this feature in cases when you are using one of the supported multivendor marketplace plugins (such as Dokan, WCFM, WC Vendors, YITH) and if you want rates in the cart to be quoted with a vendor’s address used as From Address.

When it is enabled shipping labels purchased from WooCommerce Order UI will use vendor’s address as an originating address as well.

Please note that this feature alone does not allow vendors to print shipping labels or use their own carrier settings, for that you will have to use one of our Shipping Labels For Marketplace add-ons.

Validate Address #

When supported by a shipping plugin, it will validate shipping address before allowing customers to place an order and it will display a validation error message returned by a carrier.

Include Insurance #

When supported by a shipping plugin, it will tell plugin to request shipping rates with insurance included, which, in most cases, will increase shipping rates. It is also used as a default state of Include Insurance checkbox in the Shipping Label Printing box in WooCommerce Order UI.

Signature Required #

When supported by a shipping plugin, it will tell plugin to request only shipping services that require signature upon receiving.

Please note that enabling of Signature Required feature might reduce number of available shipping services or even not return any rates, when such services aren’t offered by a carrier, as well as in majority of the cases it will increase shipping rates.

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