How to setup tracking of the shipments?

Plugin can automatically track a progress of the shipments and update order details for the shipping labels that were purchased and printed through it.

In this document we will go over Auto Tracking Settings of WooCommerce shipping plugin and talk about what they control and when you might want to change them.

How does auto tracking work? #

Shipping plugin is using WordPress CRON to regularly execute a task that will periodically check a status and location of the shipments that are registered in the plugin and were not yet delivered or returned. Once plugin will detect a change in a status of a shipment, it will automatically update an order that is associated with it with the latest tracking details.

Enable / Disable #

Check Enable / Disable checkbox for plugin to start tracking shipments for the shipping labels that were purchased and printed via the plugin.

Run Auto Tracking Interval #

It defines how often WordPress CRON job that is checking for the latest tracking information should be executed. By default it is set to 1800 sec (30 min), which means that plugin will execute tracking job once in 30 mins.

Depending on the volume of the shipments (orders) you might want to decrease this value.

Update Shipments Interval #

It defines how often plugin should check for the tracking updates of each individual shipment.
By default it is set to 21600 sec (6 hours), which means that plugin will wait for 6 hours before it will attempt to check if shipment tracking has any new information.

Status Change Timeout #

In some cases, such as when package has been inducted, passed to an intermediate carrier or simply wasn’t scanned at the delivery, carriers might stop updating tracking information.
Status Change Timeout defines an interval after which plugin will stop checking for the shipment updates if it is not getting any new tracking information within this interval.
By default it is set to 864000 sec (10 days), which means that if plugin won’t detected any updates within 10 days from the last update, it will consider package lost or delivered and going to stop tracking of it.

Max Shipments At Once #

It defines how many shipments will be picked and then updated on every execution of the Shipping Plugin WordPress CRON job.
By default it is set to 100 shipments and depending on your volume of shipments you can either decrease of increase that value.

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