Plugin’s general settings

In this document we will go over general settings of WooCommerce shipping plugin and talk about what they control and when you might want to change them.

Sandbox Mode #

Sandbox mode can be used to test plugin’s functionality without the need to pay for postage. It is useful when you have installed plugin on your staging website and trying out various settings.

Please note that not all shipping plugins offer sandbox mode, so if you can’t see it then it is not supported.

Validate Products #

Majority of the carriers require both weight and dimensions before they will be able to provide a shipping quote, this is why it is recommended that all products will have both weight and dimensions set.

if you will configure boxes you use to ship orders, then it is possible to get away with products having only weight set. It will be less precise and WooCommerce shipping plugin will attempt to pack your shipping boxes up to the maximum weight they can carry.

In order to help you to find what products are missing weight or dimensions, you can enable Validate Products option and then, after you will save the settings, plugin will display a list of affected product IDs in the validation box at the top of the page.

Debug Mode #

Debug is useful for cases when there is an issue that you can’t figure out, then you can enable it and send us generate debug log via contact form. We will always request a debug log as a first step before we will be able to assist in solving your issue.

Typically you will have to enable debug mode and perform affected operation, like printing a shipping label or trying to get live shipping rates in the cart. Please follow these steps to get a log file and to send it to us.

1. Go to WordPress Admin -> WooCommerce -> Status -> Logs.

2. Choose a log file, the name of which was display in the settings of the plugin next to Debug Mode checkbox

3. Hit View button

4. Hit CTRL (CMD) + A followed by CTRL (CMD) + C

5. Go to your favorite text editor, create new document and hit CTRL (CMD) + V there, then save the file and send it to us as an attachment.

Use Cache #

When enabled, plugin is caching API responses, it helps to reduce usage of an API as well as to speed up your website.
It is recommended to have Use Cache option enabled. You can disable it for cases when you’ve change that address and want it to be immediately reflected in new shipments, or trying find a possible issue in your configuration.

Cache Expiration (secs) #

When Use Cache is enabled, API responses will be stored and re-used for the number of seconds defined in this field.

Request Timeout (secs) #

In cases when connectivity between your website and API server isn’t the best, you can adjust this value to tell plugin to wait longer for the API response.

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