Shippo – rates different from the dashboard

Rates depend on the dimension and weight as well as business vs residential addresses, so if you see any difference you have to verify that your products have the correct weight and dimensions as well as configure the boxes you use to ship your orders, so the plugin can get the best possible estimate.

Are you using sandbox mode? #

If yes, then rates returned by the plugin won’t match what you see in the Shippo dashboard, the reason is that these are just sample rates and not the actual rates. 

Please switch to using Production API Token (uncheck sandbox mode) and then rates should become more accurate.

Here is how can you compare the rates from the plugin, and rates from the Shippo dashboard. #

  1. Go to the settings of the plugin and enable debug mode.
  2. Go to WooCommerce -> Orders.
  3. Choose an order.
  4. Hit Add Shipment.
  5. Validate that the dimensions and weight displayed there match your expectations.
  6. Hit Get Quotes.
  7. Make a screenshot of the form and the rates.
  8. Go to Shippo dashboard find the correspond order and get a quoteand get a quote.
  9. Make a screenshot of the form and the quotes.

With these two screenshots, you can easily compare the dimensions and weight between the plugin and the Shippo dashboard.

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