How to connect Shippo Shipping plugin to Shippo API?

In this document we will go over of how to connect WooCommerce Shippo Shipping plugin to Shippo API.

For that you will have to grab your Shippo Live and Test API tokens and then enter them into the settings of the Shippo Shipping plugin.

Where to find your Shippo Live and Test API tokens? #

As a first step you will have to get your API keys, so then then they can be used in the settings of the shipping WooCommerce plugin. You can click here to access the page with API keys or follow the following steps:

1. Open Shippo website and hit Sign In

2. Enter your Shippo credentials

3. Click on Settings menu on the left of the dashboard

4. Click on Integrations -> API submenu item

5. Hit Generate Tokens button for Live and Test Tokens

6. Keep a note of a generated API key

How to connect Shippo Shipping plugin to the API? #

1. Go to the admin dashboard of your WordPress website, click on or hover over 1TeamSoftware menu and choose Shippo Shipping

2. Paste Live and Test tokens into relevant fields of Integration Settings section

3. Hit Save Changes and you are good to go!

Troubleshooting #

If there is a problem with your Token then Test API Token: is invalid message will be displayed

In this case please double check that you’ve copied correct API tokens into relevant fields, without any extra spaces or characters.

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