How To Add Shipping Methods: Local Pick-Up and Live Shipping Rates in WooCommerce: A Comprehensive Guide

Providing flexible shipping methods to customers is crucial when managing product shipments from an e-commerce store, whether locally or internationally.

However, catering to local customers who prefer picking up their orders adds a layer of convenience and flexibility. Local pick-up options are especially beneficial for items like heavy products or perishable goods, making it essential to integrate such choices seamlessly into your e-commerce setup.

In this guide, we’ll focus on setting up California as a region where customers can enjoy both local pick-up and live shipping rates at the same time. We’ll guide you through the process of configuring local pick-up options in WooCommerce.

Firstly, if you’re using one of our shipping plugins like Shippo Shipping Pro, EasyPost Shipping Pro, ShipStation Shipping Pro, or ChitChats Shipping Pro, please navigate to the “Live Shipping Rates” tab and activate the shipping zone feature as the screenshot below. Then have the settings. 

Next, create a specific shipping zone for California to offer live shipping rates tailored to this region.

Click on “Add Shipping method”, and select the live shipping rates plugin, such as Shippo Shipping Pro, to enable live rate shipping cost calculations for California. Save the settings.

Next, Click on “Add Shipping method” again, and add the “Local Pick-Up” option within the California shipping zone.

You can customize the cost associated with local pick-up or leave it free.

Simply click “Create” to finalize the setup.

If you want to prioritize local pick-up for California customers, reorder the shipping methods list by dragging the local pick-up option above other shipping methods like Shippo Shipping. Remember to save your changes.

Once configured, proceed to the cart and test the checkout process using a new California postal code to ensure an accurate rate display, avoiding any cached data discrepancies.

After completing the above steps, you’ll be able to see that live shipping rates and local pick-up options are displayed simultaneously for local California shipping postcodes, as the screenshot below.

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